Kerry Kittrell / n: creatrix, alchemist, visionary, and intuitive artist 

Welcome to kerry kittrell art, "art of the sacred." 

Kerry’s glowing, colorful artworks honor the Divine Feminine, Great Mother and Earth. Inspired by ancient symbols, mystery, Celtic & Old Norse cosmologies, shamanism, magick, and are imbued with blessings and love. Cauldrons are a sacred container to hold gratitudes, blessings, and ritual offerings of celebration, manifestation, or release and healing.

sacred vessel can emerge in many forms. A cauldron. Pottery with a mysterious aperture. A womyn. A tree with a hollow. The interior of a blossom. Our home, Mother Earth. Our body. Our soul heart. The luminous emptiness of space.

Strong ties to Source started early. Born into an Air Force military family, frequent duty transfers made friendships difficult. Instead, Kerry was blessed with life–enriching experiences and communion with Mother Earth.

Kwajalein Island, Marshall Atoll, Pacific Ocean. Crystal–blue ocean waters teeming with sea life, midnight shell gatherings, cowries, and hermit crabs. Cherished, happy moments here began a life–long love devotion to the ocean.

Tokyo, Japan. Sacred Mt. Fujiyama, Japanese gardens, the Imperial Palace, Ikebana flower arranging, sumptuous brocades, and first painting lessons. The richness and textures of Japan became a rooted aesthetic foundation.

Catoctin Mountain, Maryland. The mountain presented a transcendent introduction to the beloved forested environment of woods, rock, mountain, and meadow. Kiki, sweet feline companion, often accompanied Kerry and followed her even in snow.



Creative Heartbreak

While a young girl in Tokyo, she was painting an oceanscape and it wasn't going well. As a "wise" seven–year–old, Kerry didn't know anything about the creative process, much less the steps involved. She decided she didn't have any talent, shouldn't be an artist and stopped painting for almost 37 years!


Inspired by human potential seminars years later, a long–buried calling to be an artist was discovered. With audacious courage, she decided to get an art degree. The college education dreamwas realized with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Spatial Arts, at San Jose State University, California. She began exhibiting and selling works in galleries and other venues. Her works have been added to private collections worldwide. 


The desire to further study and experience the Divine Feminine led her on a pilgrimage to the sacred island of Crete, one of thirteen wommin. They journeyed deep into the heart of caves where ancient rituals were performed. Wine-dark seas kissed by chartreuse cliffs, honey–drenched yogurt, olives, the Minoan Snake Goddess, red poppies, Neolithic pottery with dots, and two–hour lunches. Crete affected Kerry profoundly and stirred ancient cellular memories. 

Later explorations of Spirit include Celtic mysteries, Old Norse cosmologies, shamanism, and Tibetan buddhism.

Kerry currently resides in Austin, Texas with two sweet feline companions and her partner.



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